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January 23rd, 2013.

What do you think about broadway? Have you ever seen one? Would you go watch one or audition for a play?

Broadway is beautiful.

I’ve watched many broadway productions. I would love to watch more. I wouldn’t audition for a play.

As curt and blunt as I usually am, I’m going to assume these questions weren’t simple yes or no questions. If I were in my usual mood, you wouldn’t get complete sentences but literally yes or no.

I love broadway. I believe watching¬†performers act brings magic to the stage. My favorite would have to be The Lion King. I will watch that over and over and over if I could. I wouldn’t audition now, but I was forced to do so as a child. My parents truly believed in the Waltz and this was the closest thing I got to dancing that wasn’t my culture’s traditional dancing. Little productions, of course. Things like White Christmas and Ransom of Red Chief.¬†